Oct 24 2014

DIY Veggie Broth

This ain’t a recipe so much as a life lesson. There’s really nothing to this. It’s literally the easiest thing you can do to save yourself money and you really can’t screw this up.

What to do:

Save all those vegetable stems, tops, ends, leaves, petals, peels, ugly pieces, whatever you have. Store them in an airtight container in the freezer. When that gets full of leftover bits and pieces, take it out, put the bits & pieces in a large sauce pot with a lot of water, cover it, bring it to a boil, reduce it to low heat and let it cook for several hours. Let it go overnight even. Or all day, I don’t care. Use plenty of water and you could let this cook for 2 days.

When you’ve had enough of this sitting on your stove, take it off, strain off the bits & pieces using pretty much whatever strainer you have (if you’ve got small bits & pieces use a fine mesh strainer). Then you’re ready to can the broth, freeze it into ice cubes, use it immediately, or whatever floats your boat.

You can still throw the veggie bits & pieces in your compost. Just do this, mmmkay?